Got Snow (at last!)

"Hay and it's snowing, too!"

“Fresh hay, and it’s snowing, too!”

We are having our first snowfall of the season. It’s soft, bright and beginning to stick to the ground. I’ve always loved snows like this!

I’m not working out in the studio today–yet– still I’m in the snow. Animals need to be fed and watered. Every day. Today I heat the water and carry it out to them. The water will be just right when it mixes with the cooler (or frozen!) water already in the pan. When “farm chores” are finished, I can settle inside the house by the fire with hot tea or a good book. Before it gets dark, I’ll go outside and do it all again.

The regularity of farm chores sometimes reminds me of the discipline I must strive for in my creative life if I am to be productive.

Every. Day.
Make. Something.


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4 responses to “Got Snow (at last!)

  1. Beautiful pic! And lovely post. Though I have to say, I don’t so much miss the farm chores when it’s more ice than snow. I hope for your sakes that whatever of our current pretty ground cover freezes, will melt as quickly as it came!

  2. Your quiet snowfall picture makes me think of how I loved walking on country roads in the snow. As for city streets: the kids in the neighborhood are having a great time out there on our slippery street today — what thoughtful parents to provide sleds that get used so seldom!

    • Thanks, Sandy. And the ride through the woods beside the lake was beautiful! We saw dog, deer and rabbit tracks in the snow. Ha! Here I thought our woods were peaceful, but I’m fairly sure all those animals weren’t out at the same time.

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