Here’s One Fun Thing to See and Do

I’ve found SO many things to see and do along my Creative Journey.

I want to do everything and all at the same time. I know, I know…that’s fairly impossible, right? And while I’ve spent these past 2-3 years doing practical research and participating in applications (i.e. making stuff), I figure now might be a good time to try to focus.

With that in mind, I’ll begin by saying that there are TONS of resources available for making just about all of those craft anythings. And…there are many ways to do those things, and even more suppliers who would like to sell you directions and supplies, kits, and workshops. I don’t think I’ll go out on a limb and try to list all of those resources here, but what I WILL do is encourage a reader to do their homework and research some of those on your own before spending a ton of money.

I’ll begin with SOAP:

I love to make soap for home use and gifting, and I have been asked to teach a class on soapmaking. I thought about that for a long time before I wrote up a proposal, because there is more to making soap than you’d think. My hope will be to make it seem so easy as to encourage the beginning students who sign on to do some research for experimenting with other recipes, fragrances, and in adding a little bit of color.

There’s a lot of information about that, too, so there’s room for diversifying and creating a gazillion different combinations. I’ve learned how to collect certain plant materials, get natural colors by the oils or liquid(s) I use, as well as using essential oils for fragrances that are both soothing and healthful. (Check labels to make sure the oils are skin safe.)

This photo shows samples of a lemongrass, a plain, unscented bar, a soap using dried lavender, a yummy soap using an essential oil that smells like fresh oranges, and a natural with vitamin E and a splash of color, just for fun. When it is time to “cut” the bars, I make them large for bath sizes and smaller for assorted gift sizes.

Today happens to be the first day of spring, and although the weather is still cool where I am, I’m looking forward to a sunny day when the temperature outside is in the upper 70s or low 80s and I know I’ll be outside, too.

Making soap, for starters.

And Happy Creating! I hope you’re making something fun today, too.

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