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Making Music


I’ve heard it said that creativity is not a hobby–it is a Way Of Life.

So I suppose it is no surprise that this new addition to the collection of restoration projects has found me. Here’s a Hawaiian ukelele, passed along from some of my husband’s cousins. Wooden tuning pegs. The only remaining string, IS string. Our best guess puts it at more than forty plus years old, and the maker’s label inside is giving me a few clues. Remember–I DO love a good mystery and research. (Smile)

I’ll keep you posted on my progress. When I replace the strings, I’ll most likely want to learn how to play the thing.

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Fiber Fun!

The bags of fiber roving came in the mail from the processor. Here they are, ready for spinning into yarn and then can be crocheted , knit or woven into something warm and snuggly.

Soon we will be shearing the alpaca again. Their thick fleece will be cleaned by picking out vegetable matter like leaves or hay. We separate the fibers by length and I can either comb it out by hand or send to the mill. Either way, I have the chance to use farm grown materials to create useful items.

Having even more creative fun down on the farm!



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Flea Market Finds

A treasure!

I spend a lot of time at flea markets and estate sales. My acquisitions lean toward the functional, yet somewhat quirky. I need to be able to justify that piece to myself before I’ll bring it home. And of course I have to negotiate about the price.

This little table is made from sticks. I am drawn to the designs painted on the surface and, after a good cleaning and a few other things, will put it to good use. I have another one similar to this that’s been passed down from a grandmother and I think they’ll work well together.

Hand painted designs on handmade furniture will make me smile.

Every time.



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