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The Forager

Are you ready for an adventure?

There are so many places to go in my Big Backyard!

We have Big Garden, Little Garden, Experimental Garden. Big Pond, Little River and The Tree House. The Wooded Path. The Cabin. The Flat Spot. The Waterfall. Windy Ridge. River Path.

Friends with young children come for a visit; I provide maps and walkie-talkies when the older children want to go exploring on their own.

Summer snack!

Summer snack!

The first stop in today’s backyard adventure will find me looking for a snack, which will be just past these zinnias in the experimental garden. Look for those small, orange tomatoes through the green leaves. Do you see them? They are oh-so-juicy and fun to eat, straight from the vine. I rinse one off and pop it in my mouth. Yum! I’ll have a couple more before I go. (I call this my “experimental garden” because I tried starting a few new plants from seed. Oh, but that’s another story.)

Behind the Red Barn is the Big Garden, and beside that is a wild and wonderful JUNGLE of blackberries. I LOVE blackberries!

Blackberry jungle!

Blackberry jungle!

I cut the top out of a gallon milk jug and leave the handle on the jug. When I enter the world of blackberries, I’ll carry the plastic container in one hand and have a long-handled shovel in the other.


Well, the thicket in this blackberry jungle is so thick, I just want to have something with me to help me push my way through. I also need a way to insure that I can make enough NOISE while I’m in the thicket to encourage any other creatures living in there to move away from where I am to make room for me, too. Thump, thump, thump on the ground with the pointed part of the shovel before I put my foot down into a new spot. Then I listen. No sounds of other movement? Then I thump the shovel once again and move forward.

Oh, so juicy, these berries!

Oh, so juicy, these berries!

Mid-July heat; I’m wearing a long sleeved shirt, long pants and SOCKS. Dodged a few bees today, but look what I found! I’ll fill my container and feast on the wonderful treats of summertime.

Ahh….happy creating to you today, too!


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