About Me

I am a retired Elementary Art Educator. I advocate for creative thinking as well as outdoor education and growing food in the garden.

I enjoy working with children to express creative ideas using a variety of art materials, recycled objects, and LOVE a good story! I am an author, illustrator, and handspinner, and share my barn/studio space with a herd of alpacas.

My articles have appeared in Highlights for Children and Alpacas Magazine.

9 responses to “About Me

  1. debra

    Hey Paula…Did you go to UGA with me. I found a wool woven scarf today We bought from you…when I saw you at an art festival on the town square somewhere in N. Ga. And it has your name and Doubleleaf Fiberworks label..The Art Deptmt at UGA..fun times. The scarf was warm today!
    Thanks! Debra Denton

  2. Hi Paula, I enjoyed your blog. I’m trying to start a blog with wordpress.
    Were you able to do this without a techie’s help? I find it intimidating.
    Loved your pictures too. Very nice, especially the mug’s message.
    Best Wishes,
    Regina M.

  3. Laura

    Paula-would you come in and visit me at JHS? I have some awsome IB kids that would love to meet you and learn about your art!!! Laura Tucker (laura.tucker@hallco.org)

    • Hi Laura. It’s great to hear from you and maybe we can work something out. I’m working on a project now that will keep me occupied until after the first of the year, but please keep me in mind. Thanks, P.

    • Hi Laura, I’m working on a project that will keep me pretty occupied until after the first of the year. I might be able to come for a short visit after that. Thanks for asking. Keep in touch, ok? Thanks.

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