Here, and There, and Over…Where? (part one)

2020 and 2021 feel like they were so long ago and yet just the other day. And while I know that it’s later on in the year 2022, this year has also shown itself to be full of surprises and experiences.

I wondered for a time if it was just me, and maybe I had dropped into the same rabbit hole that Alice fell into when she discovered Wonderland. OR maybe if I’d taken a nap and awakened years later, as did Rip Van Winkle, to another time and place.

But…I know those are fictional characters. I think I’ll call all of this as Research, share some of the information with those who might care to listen, and leave a trail of more than breadcrumbs along the way.

A 19th century Shepherd’s Wagon has found its way to our home. Some restoration is required, but all-in-all, sleeping in this provides a unique outdoor experience. Previous camping experience is preferred–there are not too many amenities provided and it makes me appreciate those who used this on a daily/weekly/seasonal basis.

Cooking on an outdoor fire can be a lot of fun, or it can be more work than you thought. I’ve spent a fair bit of time practicing, so the taste-testings are usually an event. These are cheddar cheese and herb biscuits and I’ll keep that recipe for use again.

Hope you’ll find a way down your own creative path too, and I’ll hope to hear from you along your journey.

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Old(er) Lessons Learned in New Ways

I think I know a few things. Then, I begin to work on something with what I think I know, get somewhere along in the process, and become sidetracked with something else. This has happened on almost every project I’ve begun: some of those projects are eventually completed, while some remain in the Who-Knows-Where? Pile.

Maybe that’s just how my mind works. I’ve been pursuing a Creative Path for a great many years now and before anybody jumps in to say anything about ANY of that…I’ll go ahead and admit that I haven’t gotten lost anywhere along in my journey. Some of the scenery has been really wonderful (ThankYouVeryMuch) and there is so much to see and look at and DO, because I try to keep all possibilities for Creative Living open as often as possible.

I’m hoping that the time spent away from doing a few favorite activities in 2020-2021 will show itself to be productive going forth in 2022. Admittedly, there were a LOT of things I liked to do that weren’t possible, while other things showed up in a Most Unexpected Way.

Here are some photos of what I can only describe as a Heritage Quilt Piece. We THINK the top was originally pieced together by hubs’ Great Aunt, and our best guess is that that might’ve been prior to 1970ish. The fabrics are mostly cotton and while there was a bit of wear and tear, it was in remarkably good shape. I appreciated the simplistic pattern (Enlongated Hexagon, I think) and will go back to more reading/researching quilt patterns eventually.

For this piece, I decided to make and add the crocheted medallions myself, because even though “Aunt E” didn’t put them there, she had lots around her house. They seemed to fit right in with the “feel” and design. I’ve made a tag with the family name on the back, the year we think it was begun, and then, the year that the quilt was completed.

I say all of that to say this: I’ve learned a lot from this project, and not all of it was about sewing.

Something’s gonna take however long it takes. If you work on a project and don’t finish it, maybe you pick it up again. Or not. Or maybe someone comes along, adds to it, and then…it’s there to be enjoyed and/or remembered. And maybe, the joy came from doing whatever it was you were doing in the first place.

Happy Creating…or catnapping. (Whatever.)


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(Under Construction)

There has been so much interior work I’ve been doing on my creative journey (in 2021) that I don’t really know where to begin if I wanted to try to play Catch Up. I’ll just admit to being busy in ways that will hopefully show up on a page.



or “Over Yonder.”

Happy creating, right?

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Not yet time–but almost–and the value of persistence.

It’s been cold. And wet. And I’ve been inside for too long. It’s making me crabby–I know. I KNOW!

I’ll bundle up and go for walks in the woods on cool, sunny days. Read or write or make stuff when I’m in the house or barn/studio on colder or rainy days.


I yearn for warmer weather. To dig, to plant, to grow, then harvest. I miss the dirt under my fingernails, and don’t mind the aches that come from working in the garden.

I saved tomato seeds from last year, so what better time than RIGHT NOW to put a little soil and seeds in a few cups? You know…just to see?

I am happy to report that things are looking up in what will hopefully be garden tomatoes. And there’s a lot I’ve learned from doing this which will hopefully be shared in future posts.

But for now, I’m thankful for patience and persistence. In creating artworks of ANY kind, you gotta have a helping of both.

Happy creating!

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In Bits and Pieces

It seems to go like this: I’ll begin to work on a project or two, LIFE happens, I pause or stop work on the project(s). I’ll put the thing away, time passes, I begin to work on something else. The original thing is set aside.

The thing remains in an unfinished state for WhoKnowsHowLong? And I must admit that I have a large number of UFOs (Un Finished Objects) packed away in plastic crates. There are more of these crates than I thought, btw. Along with all that are a lot of supplies to complete those projects, or newer supplies to begin with again, since I couldn’t find whatever it was I thought I had. (What was I thinking?)

2020 has shown me that, while I enjoy making and creating things, maybe I could slow down and work with what I already have. Maybe I can change what I thought I wanted into something else. And just maybe I’ll accomplish several goals at the same time.

Because I work on projects in bits and pieces of time. I really don’t know exactly how long something takes me to make and I don’t think that’s the point, even though I DID keep a time log for a project once, a long time ago. Just to know.

I found part of this quilt project in one of the plastic crates. There were no directions or notes I’d left to myself on how it was to be finished, but I was pretty sure I’d cut out all the pieces needed. But where were they?

Somewhere else. Stored. Ready. Waiting for me to pick them up again and finish what I’d started.

I’m not finished with this just yet, but I’m working on it in bits and pieces of time. And that’s probably going to be as good as it gets for now.

Happy Creating!

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Old/New Things Coming This Way

1924 Dodge Truck. It won’t be advertised as “ran when parked.” It’s not even for sale. But it became a decoration in my front yard and I’ve really enjoyed seeing it there over the holidays. While 2020 was a year like no other, I’m thinking 2021 will be filled with possibilities if I can get myself in gear, too. Here’s why: I began this webpage as a way to encourage readers, other creatives, and myself. “Random Thoughts from the Creative Path” might sound like a vague description, but when I think about it, that’s probably the best I can determine for now. I plan to refocus efforts as I make adjustments in both content and make revisions. WordPress has changed a few new things here and there on this format, and since 2020 was filled with so many OTHER things I had to learn and do and be….well, my engine stalled out a bit, too. (Where DID I put that file/photo? I don’t even remember.) As we begin this New Year, I’ll add more postings, including “How to Make” for handmade items, or “How to Grow” when out in the garden. I might even include a page that’s for the “Young at HeART” with kid-friendly content. Looking forward to whatever comes next on this journey and Happy Creating to you, too.

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One of These Days…

One of my grandmothers taught me how to crochet when I was about nine years old. I made lots and lots of square and round shaped things. The other grandmother taught me how to sew.  I created teeny, tiny clothing for my Troll (doll) figures out of her discarded scraps of fabric, sewed with a needle and thread, or wrapped the figures in yarn. (I learned how to knit, weave, and spin my own yarn on a spinning wheel much later.)

BOTH of them encouraged an appreciation of things handmade, as well as a love of reading, planting/watching things grow in the garden, and of making music.

So I wasn’t too surprised that when it came time to select a career path, that it would’ve been in making things by hand…and to encourage children to do the same. Maybe my parents were (surprised) and might’ve thought I’d do something other than become an Art Teacher, but then again…maybe they knew it on another level. For three decades (yes!) I could say that I got PAID to draw and color pictures with kids, and worked with clay, paint, as well as a variety of other art materials.

I was naturally drawn to the area of fiber arts, and pulled toward learning a great deal about Traditional Appalachian handcrafts and music-making.  Here are a couple of “selfies.” (My hands at work/play.)

And I can’t say that I’m through learning new things, either.  I have a six foot table in my work/studio space for current writing/research projects which is covered in–books! A recent find is a publication about earth pigment paints and yes, you can make paint out of clay, dirt and natural materials.  Another book is a “how to” book on a Scandinavian fiber technique called nalbinding, which is a forerunner to knitting. When I found out that a very substantial part of my ancestry profile included regions well known for their fiber related, handmade handcrafts…well, I was all over that!

I hope you find activities you enjoy doing and that you make time to do those things as often as you can.  Enjoy the journey,  learn something new, and Happy Creating!


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Every Day? Every Day.

The year 2019 was “one for the books,” as I’ve heard on more than one occasion. It certainly was one for me, too. I can’t think of a lot of specific instances that I could bring out for discussion because those experiences are related to me and mine.

I think I’d prefer to assimilate all of that information in my memory, distill it into something worth mentioning, and share what I think I learned from all of that with you. Here’s hoping it makes some kind of Creative Sense.

This tree was harvested from our property and used in holiday decorations, after a lovely walk through the woods with the littles.

Here we have a view of the sawmill. A storm came through in 2018 which provided us with lots of downed trees, and from THAT, we cut wood.

And more wood.

And even MORE wood.

But notice that within all that wood which was not used, there was good wood which WAS. Working every day(weather permitting), deciding what to use or not to use, and using other days for surprises that Life sent our way…eventually we will have this:

I can’t help but find a correlation between building a cabin–that of course, we didn’t know how to do–with almost any other Creative Endeavor.

AND it seems to me that if I show up every day and get just a little bit done, eventually I’ll have a Something, whether it’s a fiber art, or a writing or a drawing, too.

Happy Creating to you. Today, and every day.

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(Whew!) 2019


All I think I want to say about 2019 is that I learned a lot about myself as well as Other People.

I am like a perennial in E(xperimental) garden. That means, I might’ve looked dormant for a time with no apparent growth, especially since I went through 2019 without posting anything on this page.

Look for me just to one side of where I was planted in the garden before, because sometimes, we Perennials shift ever so slightly and become more than what we were. I’m not in the same place I was this time last year either, creatively speaking.

I learned and I grew.

That’s it.

Let’s get busy making stuff, shall we?


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Egarden looks quiet and peaceful, doesn’t it?

Or does it appear to be a random collection of sticks and stems, weedy looking patches of undergrowth and dreary, dead leaves?

I think it depends on what you might be looking for in comparison to what might be there.  You might wonder, but if it doesn’t show itself right away, you could worry that it might be long gone. Wait.  And then, wait some more. It’s there.

Since some things won’t be growing in these cooler winter months, I decided to try my hand at sprouting a plant from an avocado seed.  That’s not as easy as it sounds, because when I plant something out in eGarden during the summer months, I am able to measure the growth I see fairly soon.

As I read information about sprouting a plant from an avocado seed, the chances of successful germination might make even the most avid gardener shudder–I mean, seriously? It could take a long time for that seed to germinate, if it did so at all, and even then, there would be no guarantee that there would be anything to harvest.  Why. Even. Try. Right? Who has that kind of time to spend on something that’s not a “sure fire thing?”

I do. I did.  Because I’m curious about a great many things. I have a desire to try things new, and old, despite what my Mama would’ve called a “stubborn streak” that most likely encircles my entire body by now. I rather think of it as persistence.

And so I began. I decided to try three plants, rationalizing that surely at least ONE of them would do SOMEthing. The first one (A1) appeared to come forth rather quickly and I’m happy to report that it is now working toward its’ own personal growth spurt and is over two feet tall. (Not pictured here.)

But these other two have been in my window for a very long time. There was about a two month wait between the sprouting of Plant One (A1) and the small plant you see here (A2) and still, from the other (A3) there was nothing for a very long time.

Until today.  If you look very closely, you will see the beginnings of roots forming underneath the seed. Soon there will be a growth that will sprout from the top of the seed itself and a stem will begin to form. Then it will become what it is meant to be. It takes time.

I share all that to say this: I know the writing/artistic projects that I am working on will come forth and grow into something WHEN IT IS THEIR TIME, and until then, I continue to work at something I love, nurture and develop my own creative spirit, and encourage other creatives I know. It is Time Well Spent.

Happy Creating to you, today and every day.


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