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Here, and There, and Over…Where? (part one)

2020 and 2021 feel like they were so long ago and yet just the other day. And while I know that it’s later on in the year 2022, this year has also shown itself to be full of surprises and experiences.

I wondered for a time if it was just me, and maybe I had dropped into the same rabbit hole that Alice fell into when she discovered Wonderland. OR maybe if I’d taken a nap and awakened years later, as did Rip Van Winkle, to another time and place.

But…I know those are fictional characters. I think I’ll call all of this as Research, share some of the information with those who might care to listen, and leave a trail of more than breadcrumbs along the way.

A 19th century Shepherd’s Wagon has found its way to our home. Some restoration is required, but all-in-all, sleeping in this provides a unique outdoor experience. Previous camping experience is preferred–there are not too many amenities provided and it makes me appreciate those who used this on a daily/weekly/seasonal basis.

Cooking on an outdoor fire can be a lot of fun, or it can be more work than you thought. I’ve spent a fair bit of time practicing, so the taste-testings are usually an event. These are cheddar cheese and herb biscuits and I’ll keep that recipe for use again.

Hope you’ll find a way down your own creative path too, and I’ll hope to hear from you along your journey.

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