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This Vacuum of Time


Every so often, I find there are days, weeks sometimes, in which I get not-as-much-accomplished-creatively as I’d like. Call it a time warp if you’d like–I usually do– however THIS time (pun intended) I need to be a little more ruthless.

Distractions abound. You may know what I mean: simple tasks of day to day living are necessary to maintain a household. Can’t do THIS now, because of THAT which needs to be done before THIS can happen. I was going to do this, but then somebody calls and could I please do this other instead? And regular jobs may pay the bills, but take away from unstructured creative time.


If I’m doing all that, then the result is I’m not doing the other, creative THIS.

I’m searching for ways to have more hours in a day.
How do you find balance in your creative time, with everything else??

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