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Home For The Holidays

Home For The Holidays! Oh what fun it was to create a Gingerbread Barn instead!

Oh what fun it was to create
a Gingerbread Barn instead!

The holidays were a mixture of emotions for me, and I would like to propose a toast to the many people who have creatively inspired and encouraged me throughout my creative journey thus far.

Here’s to you! (And thanks, by the way, for your patience and understanding.)

Feeling philosophical?

Feeling philosophical?

Let’s consider these glasses for a brief moment. Half full? Half empty? What do you think?

The smaller glass was once a container for jelly. One of my grandmothers would fix my sandwich and then let me drink milk from a glass such as this when I was a child. I still love PBJ sandwiches and remember the younger me who used all of this grandmother’s umbrellas and a large cardboard box on rainy days for the most perfect of creative hideaways.

The other glass is a wine/water glass from the creative me of today. If you look closely, you’ll see that my fingerprints are on that glass. All. Over. It. I could’ve wiped them off, but….I hope to leave my creative mark on everything I touch.

I think both of these glasses represent what I will strive for in this creative journey of 2015. I have a few ideas about how that can happen. By the way, the amount of water in each glass is the same, so perhaps the gift of Point of View and Perspective will be the creative goal.

Happy Creating!


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