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Old(er) Lessons Learned in New Ways

I think I know a few things. Then, I begin to work on something with what I think I know, get somewhere along in the process, and become sidetracked with something else. This has happened on almost every project I’ve begun: some of those projects are eventually completed, while some remain in the Who-Knows-Where? Pile.

Maybe that’s just how my mind works. I’ve been pursuing a Creative Path for a great many years now and before anybody jumps in to say anything about ANY of that…I’ll go ahead and admit that I haven’t gotten lost anywhere along in my journey. Some of the scenery has been really wonderful (ThankYouVeryMuch) and there is so much to see and look at and DO, because I try to keep all possibilities for Creative Living open as often as possible.

I’m hoping that the time spent away from doing a few favorite activities in 2020-2021 will show itself to be productive going forth in 2022. Admittedly, there were a LOT of things I liked to do that weren’t possible, while other things showed up in a Most Unexpected Way.

Here are some photos of what I can only describe as a Heritage Quilt Piece. We THINK the top was originally pieced together by hubs’ Great Aunt, and our best guess is that that might’ve been prior to 1970ish. The fabrics are mostly cotton and while there was a bit of wear and tear, it was in remarkably good shape. I appreciated the simplistic pattern (Enlongated Hexagon, I think) and will go back to more reading/researching quilt patterns eventually.

For this piece, I decided to make and add the crocheted medallions myself, because even though “Aunt E” didn’t put them there, she had lots around her house. They seemed to fit right in with the “feel” and design. I’ve made a tag with the family name on the back, the year we think it was begun, and then, the year that the quilt was completed.

I say all of that to say this: I’ve learned a lot from this project, and not all of it was about sewing.

Something’s gonna take however long it takes. If you work on a project and don’t finish it, maybe you pick it up again. Or not. Or maybe someone comes along, adds to it, and then…it’s there to be enjoyed and/or remembered. And maybe, the joy came from doing whatever it was you were doing in the first place.

Happy Creating…or catnapping. (Whatever.)


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