After The Snow

Can Spring be too far behind?

Can Spring be too far behind?

After what seemed like a week of snow, ice, and cold weather, the winter weather advisory lifted. We had firewood, water, food, batteries for flashlights (just in case), candles, books, puzzles and blankets, then settled in for mid-winter retreat. By all accounts reported, we think we fared pretty well. We had no power outages or frozen pipes.

When we weren’t taking care of farm chores or animals, we had time for other activities. I read. I wrote. Drew. Spun yarn for future projects. When being inside made me get “antsy” I donned cold weather gear, boots, and went outside. It was pretty cold in the barn/studio, so I took some time to straighten out my workspace in the house. I’ve moved my drawing table around and can look out the window to see the alpaca walking through the pasture.

I give thanks for blessings and understand how fortunate I am to be able to live a creative life.


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2 responses to “After The Snow

  1. I know you work so hard to live in the country and be an artist, mother, grandmother, wife, etc, but you make it sound effortless. When I read your posts I visualize green fields, grazing animals, and abundant vegetable gardens – year round:)

  2. It sounds like a garden of earthly delights!

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