See The Colors

Dear Creative Friends,

The Christmas season was a busy one out here on the farm. So…sorry… I haven’t gotten in touch with you earlier. I’ve been busy!

I’m one of those folks who enjoy making things for Christmas gifts. If I can’t personally fabricate the item itself, then I will do everything I can to add to it for a personal, creative touch. I baked–yes, baked–cookies from “scratch” successfully for the first time in quite a while. The secret was in the parchment paper that I put on the cookie sheet before baking and then put the small rounded spoonfuls of dough on the paper. What a snap!

Home Sweet Home has a new meaning!

Home Sweet Home has a new meaning!

And I LOVE to play with food. I made a BIG cookie, cut it into small squares and eventually, made a lovely little candy creation with cream cheese icing all around. This took some time and I enjoyed eating my mistakes before it was completed. You could call it a house or ski resort. I loved to watch the children at our family gathering sneak by and snatch a few candies. Some of the grownups were fun to watch, too!

So now it is way past New Year’s Day and I hope you’ve had a good beginning. I am hesitant to make formal resolutions and gave that up a few years back. Now I just call it my “Hope Tos” list. It’s very short.

This year, I hope to draw and write more, to be more creative, to be grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given and to celebrate every day.

A colorful shopping trip!

A colorful shopping trip!

In honor of the New Year and to begin the celebration, I hit the after Christmas sales at my closest art supply store for some new drawing materials.

I’m all set!


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4 responses to “See The Colors

  1. I love the ski resort! Very creative! Hope you have a Great 2014! It’s the year of Health! Miss seeing you! We need to get together!

  2. What fun, Paula.
    Love your hope to list. Me, too.

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