It’s All About The Style, The Voice, and The POV

My local newspaper has a weekly section devoted to Things To Do for members of the community. Sometimes it’s a concert, or the mention of an exhibit at a local museum, college or something “downtown” on the historic square. 

I usually gravitate towards the activities which are free, instructional or open to the public. There’s so much free stuff out there to DO if you really look for it, and I find that people who are open to sharing what they know creatively open my eyes in unexpected ways. 

So I jumped at the chance to attend a workshop slash meeting to learn even more about one of my favorite instruments: the dulcimer. I have three–two are pictured here–along with a variety of other stringed instruments in my collection. Most of them I can actually play a little, but when the opportunity arose to attend a session with folks who actually DO play, well yes. I went. 


 I knew no one in the room when I got there. The group leaders gave us history, demonstrations and then encouraged us to “noodle around” on our own with the sheet music provided. 

Looking all around the room, I could see that no two instruments were alike. Likewise, the playing style(s) of individuals while on their own were different. So when we came together to play the song, we stayed together–mostly–to learn something new. As we return home we can use that new skill to create something unique. Oh, and now I have a few new friends.  

I couldn’t help but find a parallel to that in my writing too, so as I’m noodling around on this Work In Progress, I’ll do well to remember that it will be my style, my voice and my POV that will make my writing become alive. 

Happy Creating!


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