It’s Not So Much About Procrastination…….

I’ve had plenty of opportunities to work on a great many projects, and some of them actually get completed! Here are a few examples: three handwoven scarves made from handspun yarns. One hand knit hat, also created from handspun yarn. 


 I’ll call it “research” for my current writing Work-in-Progress. I spun the yarns. I made the hat and scarves, too. 

I demonstrate hand spinning in public and talk about alpaca one day a week. Sometimes I’ll meet another fiber crafts person and we’ll talk about yarn. When I visit the Farmer’s Markets, I have a chance to purchase fruit or vegetables that we aren’t growing for ourselves. There is SO much to taste at a Farmer’s Market. The colors in the vendors’ booths are delicious, too!

It’s not that I procrastinate too much and don’t get anything accomplished. 

It’s just that there’s SO much that catches my creative eye, and I want to sample some of it all, you know?

Happy creating!


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4 responses to “It’s Not So Much About Procrastination…….

  1. Kathleen B.

    I’m not sure that anyone would be fair to say that you procrastinate. You, my friend, have a talented and creative mind which is kept in perpetual motion by your wonderful sense of curiosity. These things that catch your eye and give you pause to explore seem to be your artistic fuel. Brain food, so to speak. I love your art and don’t begrudge you a single ‘morsel’!

  2. Yes! There’s ALWAYS too much to do. Your scarves and hat are lovely.

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