The Time-In-Between

Summer has been busy out here on the farm…the garden has provided us with wonderful vegetables.
I gathered.
I cooked.
I ate.
I worked.
Summer’s not quite over yet, because there are still a few straggling vegetables which will be with us, I hope, until the first frost. But I can feel a slight change in the air. The leaves haven’t started to change colors yet, but the light begins to look different all during the day. I think about Claude Monet’s images of haystacks and the recollections of colors, forms and feelings always makes me smile.

This is the Time-In-Between. The time for me when seasons overlap. When there are cool mornings mixed with still warm, sunny days. When the wind can stand still and be so hot outside, it takes your breath away. Or when the breeze coming through the pasture swooshes through the trees and the leaves begin to scatter across the ground.

The boys at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The boys at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I’ve had a vendor booth at our local farmer’s market, demonstrating spinning and talking about the alpaca and their fiber for much of the summer. My table is covered with handspun yarns, knitted, crocheted or handwoven items made from handspun alpaca yarns. What? Sock hats and scarves in the summertime?

A handwoven scarf in progress on the loom.

A handwoven scarf in progress on the loom.

And yes, some days it’s really warm outside and I continue to work with the fiber. On these Time-In-Between days, I’m confident cooler weather will still be coming.

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  1. What a lovely scarf. And the season’s changeover: when I went outside on Sunday, after a week away from home, the sounds were so different. There were September bugs among the August chorus, and the light was slanting just a little more.

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