Catching Up and Time Travels

I have issues with time–both in the here and now, and with the past and present. I can get creatively busy and forget how much time might have passed. Going from the house to my barn studio, I’ll travel from the twenty-first century back to the nineteenth century if I don’t take my phone.

(I’m still wondering if that’s some Time-Warp-Thing.)

Since it’s rumored that a picture is worth a thousand words–I’ll share a few photos and see if they SHOW what I’ve been doing:





Every day can be a creative day!


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3 responses to “Catching Up and Time Travels

  1. I think the pictures prove you have to have some “down-time” – time to appreciate life and nature and the magic of the moment – to feed your creative-frenzy time! Looks balanced to me… :0)

  2. As always things look busy in your world. Thank you for sharing the creativity and life at your home, farm and studio.

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