Home For The Holidays

Home For The Holidays! Oh what fun it was to create a Gingerbread Barn instead!

Oh what fun it was to create
a Gingerbread Barn instead!

The holidays were a mixture of emotions for me, and I would like to propose a toast to the many people who have creatively inspired and encouraged me throughout my creative journey thus far.

Here’s to you! (And thanks, by the way, for your patience and understanding.)

Feeling philosophical?

Feeling philosophical?

Let’s consider these glasses for a brief moment. Half full? Half empty? What do you think?

The smaller glass was once a container for jelly. One of my grandmothers would fix my sandwich and then let me drink milk from a glass such as this when I was a child. I still love PBJ sandwiches and remember the younger me who used all of this grandmother’s umbrellas and a large cardboard box on rainy days for the most perfect of creative hideaways.

The other glass is a wine/water glass from the creative me of today. If you look closely, you’ll see that my fingerprints are on that glass. All. Over. It. I could’ve wiped them off, but….I hope to leave my creative mark on everything I touch.

I think both of these glasses represent what I will strive for in this creative journey of 2015. I have a few ideas about how that can happen. By the way, the amount of water in each glass is the same, so perhaps the gift of Point of View and Perspective will be the creative goal.

Happy Creating!


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7 responses to “Home For The Holidays

  1. I’m a glass half full gal who enjoyed such lovely times with my grandmother, too. Those little jelly jar glasses hold special memories. Thanks for reminding me. Our grandmothers were wonderfully creative. Mine was an artist with a needle. I suspect yours was, too.

  2. As was my grandmother, Joan!
    And I’m sensing a new year not just half-full, but overflowing with creative adventures, oh Clever Paula…!

  3. Paula, you released a memory: I still have some glass jars my Grandma used for canning. I had been using them for storage jars but they had migrated to the back of the cabinet — now I’m getting them out again for appreciation. (love the umbrella haven) – Sandy

    • That sounds lovely, Sandy! Another memory revolves around some dark green drinking glasses. They had a beautiful form, kind of an inverted pear shape, with a clear glass base. My mother collected those and called them “Lipton Tea Glasses.” My memory gets fuzzy here, but I’m thinking she bought the tea, saved some kind of coupon from the box and redeemed it for a drinking glass.??? There were several sizes, but the memory those evoke is of coming to an age in which I became mature (ie, coordinated) enough to drink sweet iced tea at the Sunday dinner table and use one of those glasses. It was a really BIG DEAL and made me very happy! I have a few of those, and almost get misty-eyed when I see some on flea market junkets. 🙂

  4. I have a similar memory involving my mother’s Fostoria (also seen in flea markets but I do still have her cups and saucers and dessert plates) — I was so proud when I came home after school one afternoon when she was hosting her ladies club, and she she let me have a plate of cake to balance on my lap just like all the ladies had. I SO understand the big deal. And to think, I’d been considering putting them on eBay. — Sandy

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