Building Windmills

There’s a fair amount of wind coming through our pastures on a regular basis. What better way to add to the scenery than build and install a windmill!

Of course, my husband knew someone who had one they wanted removed. We didn’t have one. (You have heard me say this before, so you know where it’s headed, right?) and after a little wheeling and dealing, it became ours. All we had to do was take it down and get it here. We didn’t even have to chase it.

We DO have a shared creative vision. Implementation of the vision is a little bit tricky, but never having done something before doesn’t seem to get in our way too much.

The next steps will be to get the windmill UP on top of the tower and turning. I’ll keep you posted as to our progress.




On the nightstand and on the floor along one wall in our bedroom is my stack of Books To Be Read. Included in that stack is a copy of “Mountain Singer,” by Raymond A. Cook. It’s a biography about the life and poetry of Byron Herbert Reece. The author calls BHR “A Hill Country Genius,” and if you have time, you might want to read some of Reece’s works. Reece says this about himself, “I am a farmer first and a writer second.” I understand that.

Maybe he liked windmills, too.

Happy Creating!

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  1. I love your ingenuity! (and the windmills make me lonesome for “home”, back when all the pastures had one)

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