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Something Old, Something New


My husband looked over from the section of the newspaper he was reading one morning and said, “There’s an estate sale on Friday and Saturday at (place.)  Take a look at the items when you get a chance.” The newspaper ad listed farm tools, primitive furniture, home furnishings, a loom, and a spinning wheel.  Rain or shine, I knew exactly where I wanted to be and I could hardly wait!

I LOVE going to flea markets, auctions or estate sales.  Each one of them has a special personality: One is like a treasure hunt, another is the thrill of the pricing game, and still another might be discovering a piece of history.   I might get to talk to someone there who had specific knowledge of the item(s) that I want to buy.  Maybe they had even used the item, which would be even better.

I’d like to think this old barn loom was waiting for me to come and claim it.  It was leaning against the wall of the storage shed in which many other items were being sold.  I took a quick look. Barn loom, circa mid-nineteenth century flashed through my head. Most of the pieces were attached.

“What can you tell me about this?” I asked the woman standing there.

“Well, all’s I know is I remember my grandmama using it when I was little, and it was old then,” she said.

I smiled and nodded.  The loom came home with me.


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