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From The Kiln Firing

When I create characters in my writings, I like to put myself in the setting or surround myself with objects my character(s) might have made or owned.

One of my characters will be a potter. I want to write several scenes in which that character is making bowls or cups and reveals backstory while they are at work. I remember a few things about making pottery from my college studio days, however, my memory being what it is and all, thought I’d like to update my pottery skills a bit. I worked with clay and children in the classroom when I worked as a teacher, but the emphasis was on what the children were doing, and not so much on what I could produce. I felt like I needed to jog my memory and brush up on a few forgotten skills in order to make the character come alive to a reader.

I was able to find a pottery class at a local college, sign up to take the class, and then proceeded to work/play in the clay. I started small and figured I’d work myself up to making some bigger items.

Here are a few examples of some of my finished pieces:


Small bowls, small cups, and a wealth of experience(s) remembered. Now, to put those ideas on the pages of my writings as I begin to bring my character(s) to life. Time to get to work!

Happy Creating!


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