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Creative Spaces


As a child, my favorite creative space was in a cardboard box.  I would select several books, art supplies, make a sandwich and grab a drink.  (How long did I expect to be IN there? I now wonder. ) With a Baby Ben alarm clock and four of my grandmother’s umbrellas for a roof,  I was ready to go.  It didn’t matter if it was raining or not.  If it was, I’d find a beach towel to put inside on the floor.  The real world and all that was in it could go by–I was in my own special place, and the stories or drawings I’d make surrounded me with creative ideas and inspirations.

Now I have a Grown-Up Creative Space.  With tin for my roof,  the Barn/Studio is just large enough in which to work, yet small enough to maintain without too much effort.   The alpaca in the pasture sometimes poke their head in the front door just to watch.  They ARE curious.  They “hum” in my direction.  Did you know alpaca hum when they’re curious or happy? Maybe I do, too.

Do you have your own Creative Space?



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