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Color, Character and Function


Several of my characters in a current writing project are part of me and people that I’d wish I’d known when I was younger. I am getting to know them now. We are having a wonderful time, and I must say–not every one really understands what writers or illustrators mean when they say their characters “speak” to them, or if they mention an idea came to them in a “vision.”  What a pity, I think, for those who cannot imagine. 

I needed a carrying case for one of the dulcimers. Well, one of my characters said she needed one too, so we made one together. She’s a colorful lady herself, and pretty outspoken. We hand stitched the pieces and spent WAY too much time trying to figure out a way to join the sides together without the seams showing. 

That project is completed now, and while my character may finish a few of her household chores today, like ironing, she could just as easily make some tea and music. 

I’ll get something creative accomplished today and hope you will, too. 


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