Not yet time–but almost–and the value of persistence.

It’s been cold. And wet. And I’ve been inside for too long. It’s making me crabby–I know. I KNOW!

I’ll bundle up and go for walks in the woods on cool, sunny days. Read or write or make stuff when I’m in the house or barn/studio on colder or rainy days.


I yearn for warmer weather. To dig, to plant, to grow, then harvest. I miss the dirt under my fingernails, and don’t mind the aches that come from working in the garden.

I saved tomato seeds from last year, so what better time than RIGHT NOW to put a little soil and seeds in a few cups? You know…just to see?

I am happy to report that things are looking up in what will hopefully be garden tomatoes. And there’s a lot I’ve learned from doing this which will hopefully be shared in future posts.

But for now, I’m thankful for patience and persistence. In creating artworks of ANY kind, you gotta have a helping of both.

Happy creating!

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