Road Trippin’


The colorful leaves called from the mountains, so of course, we had to go.    Another road trip!

We ended up at a combined event– antiques AND tractors mixed with flea market finds as far as the eye could see. I. Was. So. Happy!


 Even more so when I discovered this little find. It’s a Troll House with residents, and for a brief moment I became eight years old again. I used to have one just like this and learned how to make tiny stitches with needle and thread as I created costumes for my trolls using scraps of material from my grandmother’s sewing pile. 

Rust is a favorite color and there were piles of things I could look through, almost like a game of I Spy. 


And I found a lawn mower that could’ve shortened the time spent cutting the grass considerably. 


 But although the sights were fun and the smells of the foods was mouthwatering, what I enjoyed most were the unmistakable sounds


of an old “Hit or Miss” engine, and


 the buzz of a  chain saw, from  an artist who was most definitely Happy Creating, too! 


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