The Colors of Summer

I love October!  Fall brings changes in colors of leaves. They are beginning to tumble around my feet as cooler breezes blow through the pastures. 

I’d like to take one look back to the colors nature gave me before letting go of summer. 


The zinnias were fairly easy to grow. I dug two short rows beside the green beans and cantelopes we planted out in Big Garden.  They must have liked the company because once they started blooming, I had bouquets of colorful flowers in vivid color combinations.  My visits to the garden aren’t providing as many vegetables as  we had in the summer, but I’m hopeful for fresh flowers at least until the first frost. 


What tasty treats these jellies will be! From left: pepper, mint, and “mock” strawberry jellies. The bell peppers and tomatoes (yes, tomatoes!) we grew in the Little Garden. The mint came from my herb garden. Just a couple of drops of green food coloring will help me tell the difference between the two at a glance. But don’t the colors look exciting? Yummy, too. 

Happy Creating!

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