Places of Creative Inspiration


Have you ever been to a specific place and felt a kind of “one-ness” with your creative spirit? 

It’s kind of like going somewhere and feeling like some part of you, or maybe one of the characters in your Work-In-Progress could’ve lived or visited there. You KNOW this place.

And if you haven’t yet had the opportunity to experience such a thing, well, when you do, it might feel as though you’ve been given a gift of insight. 


This view is from the outside of the building in the first photo. 

This is a shelter underneath a rocky outcropping. People LIVED there a longgg time ago.


And this last photo is of something I’ve    placed on a different creative spot, to celebrate the beginning of Fall. I’ve built a scarecrow on a site which was the location of a local crafts person’s blacksmith shop somewhere between 1930-1940. 



These are all stories I’d like to share, and honor those creative people whose voices will guide me. 

The photographs are my visual shorthand for time, setting and character, and when I look at them–I’m THERE!.  Best of luck to you on your creative journey, too.

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