Seeds Are Planted and Watch Them Grow!

I’ve just returned from a wonderful conference for writers and illustrators, the SCBWI Southern Breeze Springmingle 2015. Our speakers included Neal Porter, Guiseppe Castellano, Meg Medina, Karen Grencik, Elise Howard, Bill Mayer–and included even more agents, editors and published writers and illustrators. My head is FILLED with many new ideas and I would like to thank all the volunteers and attendees who contributed.

Seeds have been planted. Figuratively AND literally.

Now that I’m home, and out here in my garden, I’ve built a tiny greenhouse. I can just barely see the new seeds begin to come forth. Do you see the tiny sprout in the center of the dark, brown earth? Look closely. It’s there. It will most likely take a while to turn into something able to thrive out on its own and much longer to produce vegetables. That’s okay. I can give it water, make sure it receives sunlight and I know it will grow.

Thank you to the panel of speakers and attendees who’ve helped plant seeds of creative ideas. I will nurture them, every day, and look forward to see what grows.

Happy Creating!




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2 responses to “Seeds Are Planted and Watch Them Grow!

  1. I won’t say we’re old as dirt or anything, but we’ve seen our share of conferences over the years – and I agree, this one was especially inspiring! It’s a great time of year for seeds to be tended and to sprout – looking forward to seeing what the literal AND figurative ones produce.

  2. I’m glad to hear it was another great conference — wish I’d been able to come — Sandy

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