Not too scary, anyway…


We DID have at least one visitor to the garden..I can tell by a track left in the ground after the rain. I’m guessing it was a deer and perhaps it didn’t want to eat these greens, because they remained mostly untouched. Although it is past the end of the summer growing season, there are still a few reminders of warmer weather and summer veggies. This is a flower from an okra plant.


I’ll gather firewood today. The weather reports a warning of colder conditions coming, and I can think of nothing better to do today than to sit by a cozy fire with a warm beverage, writing or drawing supplies close by, and to let my creative imagination SOAR!


I wonder….if that little scarecrow DID scare something out of the garden or if it just found a warmer place to be?

Happy creating!

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  1. I think your scarecrow is more fashionably dressed than I am!

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