Small whisk broom and scrubber

Small whisk broom and scrubber

October continues to be such a busy month! Fall begins, leaves are changing colors, cooler weather, craft shows and classes. Whew! I may have missed a few things, but have gained so many more along the way.

Like this new whisk broom–which is handmade–by me. I went to an event called SAFF, short for the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair and “Beginning Broom Making” was the class I attended. All kinds of fibers are presented at SAFF and are for sale: yarns, supplies and new projects are like my favorite kind of eye-candy. I have the opportunity to meet new fiber friends and visit with long-time artists and crafters. We’ll sit in the hotel lobby late at night or in the arena area during the day and talk, demonstrate or share new techniques.

And so, my CREATIVE THINGS TO DO list has gotten longer. I knew it would. And my stash of supplies has expanded. I knew that would happen, too.

“Always desire to learn something useful.” (Sophocles, 496 B.C.- 406 B.C.)


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2 responses to “Swish!

  1. I believe you have the corner on the market of learning both “useful” AND “artful.” These are wonderful! :0)

    • Thanks Robyn. Another broom class will be offered next year, so might have to consider that as well. And keeping the wrapping cord tightly wound was a great upper-body workout, too.

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