At The Beach

Working at "The Beach"

Working at “The Beach”

(Figuratively speaking, that is. I haven’t really traveled anywhere, except in my imagination.)

Welcome to Puckett’s Beach. On warm sunny days I can work on my tan and enjoy a good beach-read. On cool fall nights, I can turn on the hot tub, watch the airplanes in their flight plan and count a few stars. And in the winter it’s fun to run through the snow to get into the water.

There’s a song called “Up On The Roof” in which the performer says : “When this old world starts getting me down” and then goes on to comment about how being up on the roof refreshes and recharges their spirits. In a children’s book by Faith Ringgold entitled TAR BEACH, a small child can fly over a bridge and her city. Her special place is the roof on top of her apartment building. I LOVE that book!

I know why my Creative Muse Levels have dropped this week, so I’ll be spending some time at Puckett’s Beach. “Stuff happens” out here on the farm.

I’ll be fine, really. I’m just not ready to talk about it. Maybe later.

Please collect my regular mail. I’ll be back in a few days.


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3 responses to “At The Beach

  1. Yes, it sounds like a beach trip is in order. Hope you can get into the groove and be ready for a wonderful fall. Big hug…b

  2. Looks so good — and I want to see you running through the snow too.
    Sandy, “Jealous in Marietta”

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