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I’ll be going to an alpaca fiber festival as a vendor in a few weeks. Yes, I turn alpaca fiber into yarn, but trying to get everything accomplished in such a short amount of time could make my HEAD spin! I’ve been photographing the alpaca, creating framed pieces, listing handmade items for sale on my Etsy shop and creating promotional materials.

Coming soon!

I have the opportunity to interview author Jennifer Echols, who will be presenting at the annual SCBWI Southern Breeze Writing and Illustrating for Kids (WIK) Conference in Birmingham, AL on October 12th.

WIK is a great place to get inspired, get tips on your craft, and learn about the business of children’s publishing. It’s also an opportunity to meet editors, agents, and a wonderful network of working writers and artists.

To find out more or to register, visit

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  1. Kathleen

    Can’t wait to read your interview of Ms. Echols! I would love to hear her thoughts on the future of the written word as opposed to the digital one. It is sad to think that many kids won’t get the pure pleasure of experiencing that wonderful smell and feeling of a great book in their hands, as opposed to those on a Kindle or Nook. The words are the same but the experience sure isn’t!
    I remember as a very young child wishing that I was in second grade so that I could read all the Babar books. Remember how they were once printed in cursive? In my school district, cursive wasn’t learned until second grade. Checking out your first Babar the Elephant book at the library was a true rite of passage. Now they are all printed.

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