Life on the farm


Meet Cowboy, one of the eight alpacas who live out on our farm. He loves to eat carrots. (I prefer chocolate!)

And while Cowboy’s days are spent grazing in the pasture, mine are spent working with his soft fiber. I have a nice bag of his fleece out in the barn. When his fleece has been cleaned and carded, I’ll spin it into yarn to make hats, scarves and other alpaca gift items. Thanks, Cowboy!


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7 responses to “Life on the farm

  1. Lindsay Rutland

    This is so fun Paula. I’m excited to keep up as my heart continues to call out …be a farmer. You are so cool and your pacas seem funny.

  2. Thanks, Lindsay. Come on down to the farm for a visit anytime!

  3. Sarah Rakes

    Lovely pictures and blog. The loom, what a find! I’m glad it has someone to love it again.

    • Thanks, Sarah. I had to take it apart at the sale to get it home. Then I did a little research to determine how I could clean it without compromising the integrity of the wood. I ended up making a solution by boiling real black walnuts and adding water and vinegar. Smells odd, but seemed to do the trick. I’ll need to redo the string heddles and make treadles, but that’s really no big thing. Keep in touch and I’ll post more photos later. 🙂

  4. Looks Awesome Paula! Great Job!

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